Here’s what we’ve been doing this week! we’re settled in Siem Reap and spend our mornings putting the finishing touches on Sarath’s new school (which offers free english classes to the children of his rural community), and in the afternoons/evenings we teach a few ESL science classes! the kids here are so eager to learn that they voluntarily attend Sarath’s school AFTER their regular Khmer schooling. they’re very appreciative to have us there, helping them with their pronunciation and sharing things we’ve learned in our schooling that we’ve probably taken for granted. i’m a complete stranger to them and yet i get so many hugs at the end of the class c:

more info on Sarath’s school here!


Spirited Away (2001)Full image here. (1920x2519 5.6 Mb)


Spirited Away (2001)
Full image here. (1920x2519 5.6 Mb)

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Here are some dogs enjoying Popsicles. 

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baby husky’s first time in the snow

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War is war, but killing a man at a wedding, horrid. What sort of monster would do such a thing? As if men need more reasons to fear marriage.

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Perpetual Calendar, 2013 | by Arina Pozdnyak

Lemon Sugar Dessert Crepes

got up at 4am this morning to see the sun rising over Angkor Wat! very worth it!!! my favourite of the three main temples we wandered through today was probably Bayon. i was lucky enough to stumble into an area that was empty of tourists and dead quiet.. very surreal. it was so incredible to see not only how well the carvings have lasted over nearly a millennium, but also how the jungle has taken over many parts of the ruins! 


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These pictures are all from our last day at the Elephant Valley Project (Friday), where we spent the whole day elephant trekking (basically following them around and watching them bathe and munch). The top two photos are of the “Heaven group” (like a girl gang of rescued elephants). Middle one is of Pearl as she came up to sniff my backpack for goodies, second last is of little Ruby vacuuming up everyone’s leftovers, and last is Genial, the largest but not the brightest elephant in the herd :9

They were all flappy and content and trumpeting happily during bathtime! Some were rescued from the tourism industry, some from logging, and some taken off the hands of families who were losing their community forest to rubber plantations etc. and could no longer care for their elephants. Now they’re all a big happy family in Mondulkiri!! It was a lot of fun spending time around them, and the long hot hours we put into planting food for them were well worth it :D  

some more photos from World Elephant Day! (august 12) We treated the ellies to a fruit buffet to celebrate their magnificence :-D

The second day at EVP my group, the other volunteers, and the staff and facilitators put together this video to celebrate World Elephant Day!! (i’m belated in sharing this but wifi out here isn’t great :/) #pachydermsbelonginpacks


the first two elephants we met at the beginning of the week at the Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri, Cambodia!! top one is Moon, bottom two are Milot c: Milot was rescued from the tourism industry where she was made to give rides to people, which is very damaging to elephants’ backs. Both of these ladies are part of the rehabilitation program here and basically just get to be elephants all day, eating as much as they want and not having to do any work. Both are very happy here! although Milot is a very impatient bather and kept spraying herself with her trunk, and we were definitely in the splash zone.